With the Award ceremony finished the fifth BOSIFEST

05. jun 2014.

Balcony tales” is a story from a decrepit and old district of Havana about a blind man who leads a life from his balcony. And even he can’t see the environment he feels with his body and senses. Film from Denmark “Balcony tales”, directed by Helle Windelov-Lidzelius, is this year winner of the GRAND PRIX BOSIFEST 2014 which is held from the 2nd to the 4th June at the Youth Center Belgrade.


Bosifest at the Department of Neurology

13. maj 2014.

In cooperation with Hendi Center Koloseum this year for the first time at the Department of Neurology, and as an announcement of BOSIFEST will be held screenings of selected documentaries for patients, employees, students and the media. The idea is to periodically organize thematic workshops with the screening. It would be another form of work to meet the needs of our customers to understand the needs and integration of people with disabilities in all social activities.Department of nervous and mental diseases, the first academic institution of this kind, was founded on October 10th  1923 in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Last year we celebrated nine decades of existence. Many times the institution transformed, changed names and organizational units.

BOSIFEST spread great energy

01. maj 2014.

Interview with Jelena Đaković, Hotels Square Nine

What is it that every guest can expect in your hotel?

Our purpose at Square Nine is that we can to provide our guests unigue experience, adapted specifically to their needs and wishes. Our wish is that staying at Square Nine Hotel every time be an experience to remember. Therefore, what you can expect is the highest level of service and commitment to complete them.


Creativity and art know no borders, and that us BOSIFEST Festival proves for the fifth year in a row

30. april 2014.

Interview with Milica Oprešnik, Hotels Holiday Inn

What are the capacities of the Holiday Inn and what guests can expect at your hotel ?

Hotel Holiday Inn Belgrade is a hotel with four star and is part of a global group InterContinental Hotels Group . Located in the heart of the business area of New Belgrade , 10 km away from the airport Nikola Tesla and 4 km from the city center. Beside the 7 conference rooms , direct connection with the multi-functional hall Belexpocentar, size 2500m2, offers the possibility of organization different types of events, from conferences, trade shows and corporate events to fashion shows , concerts and weddings .Quality products, high level of service and expertise to the hotel personnel and show evaluation from our guests, the award "The bearer of the torch " ( Torchbearer Award) for Europe , awarded " InterContinental Hotels Group" ( IHG ) . For the third year in a row, and for the fourth time Holiday Inn Belgrade to won this prestigious award , and with that crowned the sixth anniversary work . According with the philosophy of Go Green with Holiday Inn, we care about ecological awareness , protection and preservation of the environment . With the desire to always give guests more this spring , we have prepared something new . This is a Play Corner , modern station for leaving the world of the latest games and Tablet Buzz Bar , where guests have free use of the latest generation of tablet devices . With that guests  can in a quality and fun way to fill their free time and feel like at home.

Importance of BOSIFEST is in showing that with a little effort and adjustment together we can all enjoy.

25. april 2014.

Interview with Maja Đinović-Joksimović

"Zira Hotel Belgrade " is a relatively new hotel, opened in 2008 in the heart of old Belgrade, it is built at the crossroads of two major city streets, Ruzveltova and Cvijiceva. In hotel management this is already a long experience that can verifiy quality. This is corroborated by the fact that there is alredy 150,000 bookings, and soon is expected the two hundred thousandth guest. "Zira Hotel" offers to his guests rooms with superior design and quality of which four are fully adapted for people with disabilities. And that in this hotel nothing leaves to the chance is shown by the fact that the design of this hotel was made ​​by the world famous designer Karim Rashid. Hotel Zira as last year, this year will also host the participants of BOSIFEST. Guests of the Festival are especially dear hotel guests because during the whole Festival, atmosphere and optimism from BOSIFEST is transferred onto the other guests of Zira. About how much is this hotel adapted for people with disabilities and about the very Festival, we spoke to Maja Đinović-Joksimović.

Hendi Center Koloseum are recognized as one of the ways the inclusion of people with disabilities into society through film, music, art ...

16. april 2014.

Interview with Ljiljana Jevremovic the Delta Foundation

Delta Foundation has supported this year BOSIFEST in 2014. Ljiljana Jevremovic the Delta Foundation, we talked about the mission of this Foundation, on the most important projects and why they decided to support Hendi Center Koloseum who founded BOSIFEST.

Delta Foundation was established in 2007. Can you tell us a bit more about the purpose and mission of the Delta Foundation?

Delta Foundation was founded with the goal of Delta Holding, within their power, integrated and strategic, efficient and thorough contribute to the development and advancement of society as a whole. The mission of the Foundation is a permanent solution to the problems of the community in the field of social welfare, education, culture. Since the foundation initiates and implements projects that are designed for children without parental care, persons with disabilities (PWDs), students, educational and cultural institutions. Within the Delta Foundation and its activities special attention to extract support for people with disabilities.

What actions would you single out and have future plans when it comes to support for people with disabilities?

Supporting institutions in the social welfare system, the government and NGOs, the Foundation contributes to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in social and working life and raising awareness about their capabilities. As the most important project we emphasize the construction of the first endowments Delta Holding, the Center for living and accommodation of people with disabilities, "Sun" in Bezanijska kosa, we donated Belgrade 2012. In 2014. was planned construction of the second endowment Delta Holding in Kragujevac, Center for sport and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Paralympic club "Junior" and the city of Kragujevac.

The most important criteria for me is the human approach to the subject or character, without pathetic and false admiration

14. april 2014.

Interview with selector Jelena Gavrilović

This year  on BOSIFEST arrived record number of more than one hundred films from all over the world. In front of this year’s selector, director Jelena Gavrilović is not an easy assignment. About how is to be on the other side, which criteria are crucial in the selection of films, about the importance of BOSIFEST as for the people with disabilities and for all those who love good film, we talked with a young director for our site.

As a director you are usually in situation where you are evaluated, how it looks to be on the other side?

It is a big responsibiliy, but it is a very interesting. I try to be strict and that the final selection is something beyond I can stand.

This year arrived a lot of films all over the world, forthcoming big job, but on the basis of watching movies so far what can we expect on the fifth BOSIFEST?

What may be common  to all the films that I have so far chosen  is that the main heroes have terribly interesting personality. All the movies I watched from the position of the audience and that’s why I tried to choose exciting films that hold attention with its emotion or issues raised by the viewer.

Miloš Paramentić, Sandra Perović i Lena Bogdanović jury of the Fifth BOSIFEST

09. april 2014.

Miloš Paramentić, long time director of the FEST, Sandra Perović, RTS journalist and actress Lena Bogdanović, are this year jury members of BOSIFEST, which will be for the fifth time held in Belgrade from 2th to 4th June at the Youth Center. We remind, that this year selector is a young director Jelena Gavrilović.

BOSIFEST in Universal Film Magazine

06. april 2014.

The Universal Film Magazine is a free magazine that delivers passionate and creative coverage to the global film and festival communities.It is the mission of the Universal Film Magazine to uphold our uncompromising high standards in professional journalism with compelling stories that are unbiased and fact-based.

Contest for the film submission for participation in fifth BOSIFEST is extended till 5th April

20. mart 2014.

Due to high demand Hendi Center Koloseum, the founder of BOSIFEST has extended the deadline for film submission till 5th April. The slogan of this year's festival is " The Power of Visual Communication ", and the topic is work and life of people with disabilities. The selection results will be published by 10th May 2014. Fifth Belgrade Film Festival persons with disabilities BOSIFEST 2014 will be held from 2nd till 4th June 2014 in Belgrade Youth Centre. The festival is competitive type, but the whole program includes competitive and revue part. Movies that are not selected for the competitive part of the program, but have necessary requirements for the competition will be displayed in the revue part of the program . And this year, prizes will be awarded for the best film- GRAND PRIX BOSIFEST 2014, for best director, best screenplay and also an audience award . This year BOSIFEST selector is young director Jelena Gavrilovic. Her short film “ Guys, where are you” was presented at many national and international  film festivals and won several awards, including the Silver egg on Kustendorf in 2012, the Gold medal for a short film on a Short meter in 2012, award for best short film at GoEast festival in Wiesbaden and crystal prism for best short film in 2013.

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